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BPM Documentary

BPM chart their rise and release of debut album Don't Ask, Don't Get in new documentary When Is The Gig?. Capturing their humble beginnings of making music amongst friends to all their milestones, including the career-defining debut show supporting Mark Lettieri at Hifi back in 2019 and their headline at Hyde Park Book Club in February. The band is comprised of of infamous conductor of The Shades Collective, Ben Clark, Maurice Sylvester of up-and-coming Leeds label, Duck N Money Records and drummer Paolo Mazzoni.

(Photo: Misha Warren)

Taking the traditional model of a jazz trio and spicing it up with as many genres possible, funk, metal, soul etc, BPM provide enjoyable instrumental tracks that ignore all constraints and most importantly, have fun with it. Their skill in improvisation allows them to, as they say, ‘lock into the groove’ and relish the challenge of a live show.

For those interested in the rise of a new band, the documentary shows the pressures of live show and releases, alongside the sense of fulfilment they bring. Featuring other prominent Leeds musicians such as trumpeter Emyr Dance of Awen Ensemble and fellow band mate in State of Satta, Aidan Ruffle, the documentary also provides a unique insight into the experimental Leeds jazz scene.

Watch it here:

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Stream their debut album Don't Ask, Don't Get on Spotify here.

Words by Becca Healy

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