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Fehlt at The New Headingley Club 3/12/2021

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A mesmerising state of calm occurred in an old working men’s club in Headingley on a cold December evening. Decades of pool-playing, and various functions gave way to a deep sense of tranquillity facilitated by Leeds band Fehlt, on their first headline show since before the gloomy days of lockdown. A rare sight of two violinists amongst a familiar arrangement of guitars tantalised their audience, bringing a renewed emotion to Fehlt’s brand of shoegaze-dream pop, which leaves you wondering how you feel about just about everything.

(Photo: Basement Leeds)

Understated yet controlled frontman Ewan Barr candidly swayed the affair as vocals were sparse, yet hit perfectly and allowed the deeply melodic guitars more clarity. The projected visuals and dark lighting added to the feel that the art, alongside the music, speaks for itself. The musicians involved were simply bystanders as the audience also blurred into insignificance. There really was very little need for words.

The set list included tracks from both Eps Closure and Figure Two. Figure Two was released in just September and mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive (which gives great hints about the style of music Fehlt make). With a similar visual appearance in artwork of both EPs, the tracks blended into each other with such ease in a live show where the quality sounded just as good as the recording, but its experience cannot be replicated. A sense of reflective melancholy permeated yet the set increased in tempo at points where the bass was heavier and more reminiscent of the post-punk revival which has engulfed the Leeds music scene.

(Photo: Basement Leeds)

To truly understand the essence of what Fehlt are trying to do, you must see them live. I couldn’t help but think that after being captivated by their set, the old-fashioned interior of a members club provided a comforting end to the trance of Fehlt’s live show. It surely won’t be too long until their soundscapes are brought to bigger venues than this charmingly hidden, Headingley social club.

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