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New Headingley New Years Party

New Years in Leeds is always a scatty one. There's many a motive and trying to satisfy everyone and being in the right place for the countdown is never a certainty.

Brudenell New Years may be a regular haunt of yours. Pies, pints and the cosiness keeps the comfort of the Jools Holland living room experience, whilst the bands and DJ sets satisfy the raver inside you.

But have you considered changing things up this year?

Basement Leeds have the ultimate scoop on the party of the year! Cover sets and DJs by the hugest acts in the city. Featuring our debut interviewees Fuzz Lightyear whose lead singer infamously compared himself to Kurt Cobain, "I do the same amount of drugs as he does, haven't eaten the same amount of gun powder as him but I've still got four years to go." Perhaps this will be the moment where we find out just how similar the grunge hero is to this South Walean crooner.

Followed by a collective of Norfolk sky's diamonds, combined with a member of a band who has its roots firmly in the Yorkshire construction industry. No one knows what these guys will be playing but we have assurances the party will be very firmly brought to the people.

Our headliner Parents Evening will provide the showstopper. Rumoured to be covering The Cooks and Tropical Monkeys, you don't want to get on the wrong side of these guys or they will be telling your parents just how much you stare out of the window in lessons. An act that's tipped to be the next big thing, they've managed to move term dates in their busy school calendar in order to make a stop at Leeds' most up-and-coming small venue on the biggest night of the year. You heard it here first.

Not to mention, there will be a headline DJ set from the epic Eva Davies of Fika, Long Division, Come Play With Me, Grrls Do That Too fame. Special guest DJs, surprises and a hell of a party will be taking place. You'd actually be mad to miss it.

Tickets are £8 in advance and available on the night for £10. At Basement Leeds we have managed to get hold of some of these golden tickets so message the blog and will get you kitted out.

Tickets are also available behind the main bar at The New Headingley Club, 56 St Michaels Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3BG.

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