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Volk Soup- A Perfect Christmas Single Review

It is rare to get a new Christmas song on the festive circuit, and it is even rarer for any that do surface to be good. In a market which is dominated by unmistakable icons such as Slade, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé – you have to be bold and innovative to produce something which fits neatly in the once-a-year yule-tide record box.

(Photo of Volk Soup by Summer Crane and George Chadwick)

However, in a marked change of pace, Leeds punks Volk Soup have rolled back the years and transported us to the 60’s and the glory days of ElvisIf I Can Dream with their latest offering under the tree, A Perfect Christmas. This relaxed, jingling, saxophone-infused track grapples with the importance of achieving the perfect Christmas, as if it might be your only chance to do so. This single has everything that a Christmas classic needs. From slow swaying instrumentals to gently jingling bells. Wholesome soulful vocals about drinking to those festive brass arrangements that epitpmise Christmas. Topped off with innocent carol-singer harmonies as the song reaches its blissful crescendo.

It is hard to decide whether the music video which couples this song, that features lead singer Harry Jones behind the table speaking directly to the camera, feels like a more palatable royal address or a heartfelt speech from a merry family member who has had one too many glasses of sherry. However, what is certain is these lyrics are indeed warm and genuine – coming from a place of hope and optimism about achieving a ‘yule-tide utopia’, but with an underlying, unspoken realism that you should make the most of every occasion as if it might not come around or be the same again.

Beyond its clear festive purpose, there is a message within this track that applies to us all year around: to enjoy every moment, make the best out of it and not take our time for granted. Ultimately, this is a rare modern-age addition to the Christmas collection that wouldn’t offend the grandparents and might even bring the family together for a moment, before the arguments start.

Listen to A Perfect Christmas on Spotify. Stay up to date with Volk Soup's upcoming releases via Instagram.

Words by Luca Chadwick

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