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Our aim is to direct people to all aspects of the thriving music scene that Leeds has to offer. We wish to inform those who are lost in the bright lights of Leeds city centre that whatever your taste is, Leeds can certainly provide it. We want to give those unsure of what they like, the avenue to explore the abundant talent that the city has to offer. Fundamentally, we wish to support Leeds based artists and promoters striving to keep music alive in times where creativity leads to criminally little financial gain. 

We aspire to get to the heart of as many aspects of the scene that we can, by interviewing and reviewing Leeds based artists whose noise contributes to the thriving vibrations of the city. In the place where they are most comfortable: a dingy and damp basement. 

We cannot do it without your help. If you feel you can contribute to what we do, please get in touch. Together, we can bring a varied platform to this incredible scene. 

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