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King Violet and Smuj at the Fox and Newt 25th February 2022

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Smuj, partly residence in Leeds and the infamous Toon smashed their set at Burley’s quaint Fox and Newt. They demonstrated some awesome, quirky, fast-paced post punk that left the kick drum rolling all over the floor, quite literally. Sporting a pair of fine red goggles, the keys/synth/trumpet extraordinaire brought an epic look and raucous sound to the set.

(Photo of Smuj by Hattie Blogg)

Having played a wealth of Newcastle dates, their fair share of Leeds venues (The Fenton, Mabgate Bleach) and recently supporting distinguished Leeds locals, Thank, the professionalism with which they play is clear to be seen. Their new single is set for release in a few weeks and with their set reminding me of a more off the wall Gang of Four, its release is certain to springboard the band to great heights.

Headlining the night was the all-girl band, King Violet. Their catchy choruses gained much favour from the crowd. This, alongside at times an angrier lyrical tone, deployed soulfully by Mae Anderson, against the backdrop of guitar driven indie pop made for a remarkable combination. It cannot be underestimated how illuminating it was to see an all-girl band headlining a Leeds gig. Playing gigs all over, from Manchester to Nottingham, King Violet are an exciting and unique act that you have to see.

Keep tabs on what Smuj are up to via their linktree.

Watch King Violet's awesome Rockwood House Session and check out their linktree.

Words by Becca Healy

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