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Van Houten- Coming of Age Single Review

Just like the plot of a teen movie, skating through the streets of Burley, Leeds’ well-loved slacker heroes are back with a bang with their new single Coming of Age. Complete with a brand-new celebratory video full of green open spaces and smiling faces, it is easy to forget that it’s currently 4 degrees in Leeds as I write this. When that chorus hits, this song just makes you want to kick a ball around the park and drink an ice-cold 7up.

The track’s defiant musings on coming of age and the need to let go of what holds us back relate heavily to Van Houten’s inception as a band. The band began in 2018 and have had a few line-up alterations. Their very personal story of evolving through change to settle into their sound, permeate this upbeat reflection on growing up.


What marks Van Houten out from its all-male indie counterparts (of which there are many) is their consistency, spacious elements and threefold guitar layering that give a fullness of sound without overwhelming the listener. There is a tightness to their music but somehow simultaneously a looseness that keeps us guessing. Unlike many guitar bands, the keyboardist and sound master, Jake Wrigglesworth, adds that extra spicy undertone which maintains a glistening subtlety throughout. If you’re still hooked on Yuck’s 2011 album, you can get a hell of a lot out of this band.


As they are such an solid presence in the scene, fans of Van Houten have been waiting a long time to hear recorded versions of the songs that fill their packed live shows. At Basement, we can’t wait to hear the next instalment of the reflective antics of one of Leeds’ more fun bands.

Photo of Van Houten by Sarah Oglesby

Choose your platform to listen to Coming of Age here and stay up to date with Van Houten's upcoming releases via Instagram.

Words by Becca Healy

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